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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pure muscle clamps

A few illustrative examples of the very rough "read" some clips.Fans set-up - sometimes speaks of the commitment made by man or unbearable stress beyond self-solving problem, and even anticipation of such problems. Man runs as if calling on the shoulders bear a heavy bag.
II. The appearance of the symptoms VITRO quite healthy in that respect human sometimes in very interesting circumstances. To begin with, radiculitic pain that occurs when the dorsi napryagayutsya asymmetrically (say, if a person has long been a heavy cargo in the same hands). And then there's waist side muscle distortions, eventually leading to radikulitnym pain. So, with regard to psychology: believed that the right side of the body indicates the actions of a social nature (the right-hand we write, working, etc.), a left-symbolized by the reaction of thought and personal, intimate (and heart-on the left part ...). And if people a long time "raised right hand" an intolerable problem at work or in business, it raises muscle strain on the right side of his back. Or, if he has to "pull the left hand" of complexity in bed or in the family - that accumulates clamp on the left side of his back. And no wonder that because of such asymmetric voltages over time raises pain similar to radikulitnymi. Here are just almost useless in these cases treated Panther pertsovym ointment or plaster ...
III. Generally emergence and treatment of muscle-off depends very ... dictionary of culture and society, which revolves persons (so-called cherezverbalnaya somatizatsiya). Let's say, in our culture clips in the abdomen often associated ... that, in the Russian language there another meaning of the word "stomach" - life. That each of us remember (at least keeps unconscious) from childhood: from fairy tales and bylin and even narrative of the war. Remember - "spare no stomach her"? And so often clamps in the abdominal press indicate that people fear for their physical existence, the fear of their own lives or the threat frankly awaits a deadly attack "from the waist down."
IV. Or even: we have to say that, "someone from someone sitting on the neck." And, except for jokes, often strain the so-called vorotnikovoy zone "issues" the existence of material undue burden or dependent ...
V. Another frequent muscle tension associated with the concept of "growth", in particular the growth of a career. If a person is continuously injects the head and shoulders in a little prigibaetsya, at least, there are internal voltage corresponding muscle groups, it is likely enough to say that he restricted his social growth "from the top": he poses such, as if he had all the time to live in a room with a very low ceiling for its growth.
VI. Talk about special-voltage muscles person. Often accounted meet with the most skewed and perekoshennymi these individuals, people who at all has been wanted to hide their emotions from the surrounding (this can be a lot of reasons - for example, to locate his experience fear, fear of osmeyannym, so much so). Thus, even if they are funny - they hide smile (or rather, to turn it into smiles), only one half smiling mouth. And when such restraint is repeated more than once, and not two, there is a persistent muscular tension on the one hand person. And a person becomes a "wry" ...
Leg. In general it is always clear-feet in voltage, and they dostavalas in our times, the lion's share of primary propulsion reactions: run, catch and even fight ... So, on the brawl: very often the front surface of the thigh clamp said ... rasstavanii onerous about what's happening with a person or rupture causing unpleasant emotions. Such a transaction: we are so eager to give this person kicks it rather ubralsya of my life! .. It is understandable that a person of culture (and among my clients there is no other) that never fails to do - that is the realization of muscular tension through actions not happening. Here's voltage and mustered ... Man has himself could not identify. what it gnetet and where he had such zazhatost and rigidity. And it turns out, all this unpleasant matter to the gap and "extradited" Pince once!

VIII. The so-called "prohibited sexuality clamp-voltage inner thighs surface-very often women, who constantly sidyat-to combined with their feet: a peculiar kind of" protection from abuse. " Indeed, this is the reflection of the state of its domestic-sexual initiation, which it at the level of its "internal censorship" on the order or other reasons can not allow ourselves.

IX. If a man had to go to unreliable surface (say, on thin ice), he usually puts his foot across the foot, and with such a walk ikronozhnaya muscle tension constantly. Thus, if these muscles in a person with a hidden clamp, it can be assumed. As it is called, "no reliable pillars" that he is constantly afraid of something "fail", someone doubts, and so on.

X. A similar feeling associated with backbone - feeling that "land under their feet pumping." That is zashatalis some fabric, the man who hitherto relied successfully. Where have to stand in the precarious reliance, there is a desire to confront this rocking: (say, the sailors from the constant walking through the stage deck generated tension vraskachku widely rasstaviv feet). But to go so, it is necessary to strain the outer surface thighs. Yeah, please: voltage often such a person represents a threat to the strength of its long-standing family relations or public reaction to the change in regime, in which he grew up ...

XI. Clamp buttocks, as a rule, said ... anticipation of a punishment from the outside. Indeed, this is the result of what we have accepted as a little child that shlepat to pop. Yeah, let enshrines reflex ... On the other hand, it is a very intimate zone, and at the same time humiliating enough (in particular, it involves a lot of any obscene), and above all - Bare (say, her hands covered in case what is considered to be indecent enough). So gluteus clamp, in principle, can be a reflection of internal insecurity.

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